Beijing condemns May 1 protesters ‘unconscientious’

May 1 Protesters in Mongkok. (Photo: Local Press)

By Local Press

Beijing’s liaison office in Hong Kong issued a statement on Saturday condemning the city’s protesters in the strongest terms. Calling the protesters during Friday’s Labour Day ‘unconscientious extreme radicals’, the liaison office tacitly urged the SAR government not to ‘let them act so wantonly’.

Despite the fact that most May 1 protesters peacefully sang and chanted slogans in malls and on streets, the liaison office accused protesters of organising illegal gatherings, causing a nuisance to shops and hurling petrol bombs in the statement.

The office quoted ‘10 steps to mutual destruction’ from an article by Benny Tai Yiu-ting, one of the initiators of the Occupy Central movement, and criticised the leaders of the opposition camp of pushing for ‘political, economic and riot destruction’ in Hong Kong.

In the article published in late April, Benny Tai said that Hong Kong people cannot see any other way out under Chinese Communist Party’s oppression. Instead of kneeling and begging for mercy to those in power, Hongkongers should take the initiative to fight back and drag the CCP down the cliff.

Benny Tai envisioned a future in which the pro-democratic camp will become the majority in the legislature in September 2020, which will be disbanded by CCP. The ‘disqualification’ of the new legislature, Tai said, will lead to fiercer resistance in Hong Kong and eventually result in a bloody crackdown. China will then be faced with economic sanctions from the West by 2022.

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