Genocide in Fugitive Ordinance Mistranslated as Race-endangering? (Local Press HK)

Translation scholar Dr. Chapman Chen from Hong Kong Culture Society thinks that “incitement to commit genocide” as one of the offenses in the extradition ordinance is mistranslated as “煽惑危害種族incitement to commit ethnic-endangering”, a phrase much more inclusive than its English counterpart. He said that in a demonstration joined by more than 40 people from different organizations around 1 pm today outside the Civic Square against the HK Government amending the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. “People are worried that this could be used to implicate HK separatists and transfer them to China. E.g., last year, Security Minister John Lee banned Hong Kong National Party on the ground that it incited hatred and potential violence towards Mainland Chinese.” Dr. Chen, moreover, quoting Chip Tsao, remarked that Westerners in Hong Kong could also be transferred to China for sexual assault accusation, which is associated with the Me-Too Movement, and for financial fraud, for which China private entrepreneur Wu Ying was initially sentenced to death a few years ago.

Convener of the event Jeff Au asserted that the HK Government proposed the amendment on the ground of the barrier against extraditing to Taiwan a Hong Kong man who had committed murder there, but, in fact, the extradition could be done on an one-off basis, or the case could be tried in Hong Kong.

Roy Tam from Neo-Democrats criticized unjust Mainland legal system for invading Hong Kong rule of law just like Mainland sewage contaminating Hong Kong clean water.

Civic Party lawmaker Claudia Mo pointed out that during the debate on the Ordinance, Chief Executive Carrie Lam mentioned this morning geographical constraint with respect to China and Taiwan rather than legal constraint, revealing that she’s speaking on behalf of Beijing.

Edward Chin, Convenor of 2047 HK Monitor, called upon Hongkongers to get together and fight hard against this dangerous amendment.

Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui said that with the amended ordinance, HK is becoming a dangerous city where people can be transferred to China any time. He called upon Hongkongers to come out and protest against it just like the July 1st Rally of 2003.

Lawmaker Eddie Chu said that the HK Judiciary’s power to guard the gate is very limited, that once the amendment is passed, Carrie Lam will be the sole person responsible for pressing the button.

Lawmaker Dr. Kwok Ka-ki said that Carrie Lam had remained silent about the persecution of Liu Xiaobo and Li Wangyang and wondered how come she suddenly became so righteous about the case of the HK man who murdered his girl-friend in TW.

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Photo credit: AM730