Chip Tsao: Hongkongers may be Extradited to China for Financial Fraud & Sexual Assault under the Amended Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Chapman Chen, Local Press HK)

In a Commercial Radio Hong Kong public talk today, renowned Hong Kong writer cum radio anchor Chip Tsao opines that discussion on the proposed amendment to the HK Fugitive Offenders Ordinance should be complemented with Mainland case studies. An example given by Tsao is that of Wu Ying, a private China entrepreneur who was convicted of illegal crowd-funding and initially sentenced to death in 2009. During the era of Hu Jintao, Wu Ying was able to raise around US 0.1 billion without any legal problem. But then she was suddenly sentenced to death for financial fraud, which is included in the proposed extradition ordinance of HK. (Wu’s death penalty was subsequently commuted to a life sentence. ) Tsao also points out that the Me-Too Movement, which often finds people guilty before any trial, having spread from the West to Hong Kong and China, Hongkongers could be accused of having committed sexual assault in China and extradited from Hong Kong to China under the proposed amendment.

Chapman Chen reports: