US President Trump Signs an Executive Order to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses; Hong Kong Chief Execute Carrie Lam Stresses there should be NO Room for HK Independence Discussion on Campuses (Chapman Chen, Local Press HK)


US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to protect free speech on college campuses Thursday afternoon, whereas Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam declared on 19 September 2017 that there shall be no room for HK independence discussion on campuses. Trump’s order will deny federal research grants to colleges and universities on the basis of whether their policies adequately support free speech. This may be a response to the phenomenon that many Conservatives have been deprived of their freedom of speech on campuses of colleges controlled by libtards, and even physically assaulted for exercising their First Amendment right (e.g. Hayden Williams). Below please find examples of Hong Kong universities depriving students’ of their free speech in the last two years.

In early September 2017, pro-Hongkong-independence banners appeared in various universities in Hong Kong. The presidents of ten local universities then jointly signed a statement to condemn Hong Kong independence discourse and the statement was endorsed by Carrie Lam.

In April 2018, two HK Baptist University students were suspended after their stand-off and protest against stringent Putonghua language graduation requirement. (HK Cantonese is the mother tongue of 90 percent of Hongkongers and one of the de facto official mother tongues of Hong Kong, the other one being English.)

In March 2019, Hong Kong Polytechnic University expelled one Master degree student and suspended for one year a former student union leader student, for their protest over the school authorities’ covering up the student union’s free speech bulletin board.


Chapman Chen reports: