US Ambassador: USA’s very Concerned w/ US Tech Transfers via Hong Kong to China! (Chapman Chen)

At a US-China Relations forum held by Asia Society Hong Kong Center on March 15, former US Ambassador to Vietnam #DavidShear said that America is very concerned with US #TechnologyTransfers via Hong Kong to China, and whether the #HongKongPolicyAct will be cancelled depends on whether Hong Kong continues to show adequate autonomy based on the #SinoBritishJointDeclaration. As he had not yet read the US #StateDepartment’s human rights report on Hong Kong and China, he could not comment on whether the US would apply the #GlobalMagnitskyAct to penalize Hong Kong SAR Government officials for violating human rights in HK.

(The US envoy was replying above to Chapman Chen’s question: “The US #StateDepartment’s Human Rights Report just published states that the HK and Beijing authorities have severely interfered with Hongkongers’ free speech, e.g., the banning of the #HongKongNationalParty and the expulsion of the #FinancialTimes #journalist VictorMallet. Will the US Government consider applying the #GlobalMagnitskyAct to punish HKSAR Government officials for trampling on human rights in HK? And will the US cancel the #HongKongPolicyAct in order to prevent China from using Hong Kong as a backdoor for stealing US technologies, money-laundering, and exchanging rampantly printed RMB for USD?)

Text: Chapman Chen