Press Freedom Threatened in Both USA & Hong Kong (Chapman Chen, Local Press HK)

Summary: Press freedom in USA is threatened by local NGOs (like Southern Poverty Law Center &  Media Matters for America), libtard media and mobsters, as manipulated by pseudo-progressive US politicians and IT tycoons, who suppress free speech in the name of anti-racism, gender politics, and abstract environmental concerns. Whereas press freedom in Hong Kong is menaced by self-censorship due to significant post-1997 presence of Red China capital in the media and sometimes direct intervention from China’s colonial communist government in HK. Although USA is a democratic country, there is a left-wing authoritarian conspiracy to “disappear” anyone with “dissenting political opinions”, as put by Tucker Carlson, which reminds us of Communist China. Talking about China, in the World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders (#RSF), Hong Kong had fallen from 18th in 2002 to 70th in 2018. Meanwhile, as the US libtards have not been able to find one single shred of evidence to prove President #DonaldTrump’s collusion with Russia, having looked into the case for almost three years, they have decided to get his most prominent supporters, e.g. top-rated Fox News anchors #TuckerCarlson and Judge #JeanninePirro.

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“Sacred” Party-line in Both USA and China

US libtards would pressurize corporations to fire anyone who says things that do not agree with the Party line. They have connections with attorney generals like Dana Nessel of Michigan, who may prosecute any outspoken rightist for hate speech and put them in jail. Dissidents may also be silenced or banned by social media like twitter, Facebook, youtube, and may even be physically intimidated and assaulted.

Tucker Carlson Refuses to Apologize to Libtard Mob

For instance, recently, Media Matters dug out a couple of sex jokes cracked by popular Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson 13 years ago when he used to call in to a radio show, and wanted him fired. Carlson adamantly refuses to apologize and is supported by the Potus’ son, Donald Trump Jr., who tweets, “This is how to handle the outraged mob. Remember, even the most sincere apology means nothing to them. They want to break and ruin you. That’s their end goal.” a left-wing authoritarian conspiracy to “disappear” anyone with “dissenting political opinions.” As a matter of fact, last year, Carlson’s home was besieged and harassed, and his teenage daughter called a whore in public, by libtard mobsters.

Consequence for Criticizing Muslim House Representative

Another example. Fox News anchor Judge Jeannine Pirro recently lashed out at Somali-American Reps. Ilhan Omar for antisemitism. Omar has accused Republican politicians of supporting Israel for the sake of monetary greed. She has expressed sympathy for convicted ISIS terrorists. She champions and has even raised money for Hamas and Hizbullah, Islamist terror groups committed to annihilating Israel. Omar also married her brother to ensure he attain a visa to remain in the U.S.

“Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?” Pirro questioned in her program. Fox News was then obliged to condemn her statement and suspend her weekly program last Saturday. President Trump defended Pirro, tweeting, “Fox … must stay strong and fight back with vigor. Stop working soooo hard on being politically correct, which will only bring you down, and continue to fight for our Country.”

Red-China-Capital in Hong Kong Media

According to the Hong  Kong Journalists Association, self-censorship remains a significant problem for journalists. In its 2017 survey, the association found that self-censorship was the most important factor in journalists’ assessment of media freedom in the territory. This is probably due to the fact that since the handover, most local media have been purchased either partly or wholly by red-China-capital corporations. E.g., in December 2017, Hong Kong media outlet HK01 published two reports using newly released UK declassified documents about the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, but quickly removed the articles from its website and later reposted them with content altered.

News Video Showing Illegal Assault by Police Censored

On 15 October 2014, Umbrella Revolution activist Ken Tsang was beaten by 7 HK officers in Tamar Park, Admiralty, which was filmed from a distance by a TVB news crew and broadcast to Hong Kong audiences.The video was important to the subsequent conviction of the involved police officers. When first aired in the early morning, the clip included the original voiceover by the journalist:- “kicked and hit by the police”. However, this audio was removed in subsequent broadcasts, reportedly at the behest of news controller Keith Yuen Chi-wai. It was subsequently reported that TVB management had punished staff who had complained about Yuen’s approach.

HK Authorities’ Direct Interference with Press Freedom

In October 2018 the Hong Kong government denied the visa renewal of Financial Times journalist Victor Mallet without explanation. Mallet, as the vice president of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club, hosted a August 2018 talk by Andy Chan, the founder of the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party, which Beijing and the Hong Kong government had pressured the club to cancel in vain.




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