Permanent Hong Kong resident, Communist Catholic Priest, Franco Mella Comes from Italy, the First G7 Country to Join China’s One Belt One Road (Chapman Chen, Local Press HK)

Italy will be the first G7 country to join China’s controversial Belt and Road project.Permanent Hong Kong resident Italian Catholic Priest, Father Franco Mella 甘浩望神父(1948 –  ) often says: I am a Communist. Chairman Mao did not kill a single person. Hurrah Chairman Mao! The Hong Kong-China BORDER should be CANCELED as Hongkongers are Chinese, and Chinese should not fight Chinese. HK can accommodate 0.1 billion migrants more from China!

During Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy starting March 21, the euro zone’s third-largest economy is expected to officially back the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s global push to extend its political and economic clout abroad. The move is alarming European allies and the US.

Photo Credit: RTHK

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