Pro-Communist-China Lawmaker Michael Luk “Beats up” US Consul General Kurt Tong (Chapman Chen, Local Press Hong Kong)

Today (March 6), pro-#CommunistChina HongKong lawmaker #MichaelLukChungHung posted a guide on his facebook page on how to symbolically beat up #USConsulGeneralInHongKong #KurtTong with a mobile phone app. The method is to open the app, upload the target’s picture, pat it while following the rhythm of the tune being broadcast, which involves lyrics like “hit you petty man’s head until you can’t breathe”, until the target’s face is distorted. US Consulate’s covert FB response is:”Don’t beat up the wrong person!” As the Consulate General is protected by the #DiplomaticPrivileges Ordinance, #MichaelLuk’s behavior may have already broken the law. If anyone should emulate Luk’s instructions and harass or harm any staff of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong, a diplomatic storm may result. Many localists suggest USA to cancel the #HongKongPolicyAct to close China’s backdoor and/or enact the #MagnitskyAct to punish Hong Kong officials and lawmakers for abusing human rights in Hong Kong.

Recently, China’s Foreign Ministry demanded Kurt Tong to apologize for having warned that #HongKong’s special status as an international business center will be affected by Beijing’s increasing interference, e.g. banning of the #HongKongNationalParty, the expulsion of a Western journalist, and the disqualification of election candidates. Local commies, e.g., the #DAB Party, to which #MichaelLuk belongs, also condemn Kurt Tong. Stanley #NgChauPei, President of #HongKongFederationOfTradeUnions,even asked Kurt Tong to get out of Hong Kong.

Today (March 6) is #InsectsWaken, the third of the 24 solar terms in the traditional East Asian calendar. Traditionally, some Hong Kong Chinese would hire a witch (a senior woman) to chastise their enemies by way of pasting the paper image of a human form. This is called “Petty Man Beating”, a kind of voodoo.

Earlier today, around a dozen of DAB supporters protested outside the #USConsulate against Kurt Tong.

Chapman Chen reports: