Hong Kong Beauty Kris Tsui Regularly Bracing up the Homeless (Chapman Chen, Local Press Hong Kong, reports)

Summary: Thanks to Communist China’s incessantly flooding Hong Kong with colonizers and the HK Government’s collusion with Beijing to rampantly speculate on Hong Kong’s property market, there are now around 2000 street sleepers in HK. A young and graceful lady working in the HK services sector, known as Kris TSUI Ching-man徐靜雯, has thus been devoting all her leisure time, for the last 6 years, to visiting street sleepers in Kowloon, providing them with food and daily necessities, and most importantly, to showing care for them in order to enhance their self-worth. Though she had lived in Australia for 7 years in her childhood, she prefers to stay in HK and work for its good, instead of emigrating. In January this year, she set up the NGO, Momingsociety無名共行, to support the senile and the disadvantaged. She believes that the happiness derived from helping others is more long-lasting than that from acquiring luxuries. Tsui is often compared to the priceless “virtuous woman” in Proverbs 31, who “stretcheth out her hand to the poor… reacheth forth her hands to the needy”, as well as to “Most Merciful and Most Compassionate Bodhisattva Who Helps the Needy and Relieves the Distressed”.


Due to the Hong Kong Government’s non-screening acceptance of 150 one-way permit holders or colonizers on a daily basis from Communist China, and the government’s colluding with Communist China and local real estates tycoons to speculate on land and real estates, HK housing has become the highest in the whole world, more expensive than even London and Washington D.C. The number of street sleepers is around 2000 and three to four hundred people sleep in a McDonald’s outlet nightly. More than 2 hundred thousand Hongkongers have to live in subdivided units, each less than 56 sq.ft.

Delivering Heavy Supplies to the Needy Thrice a Week

Consequently, for six years, a young and elegant office lady known as Kris TSUI Ching-man, has been devoting all her spare time to visiting street sleepers in Kowloon, providing them with food, like biscuits, and other daily necessities, like clothes, brand-new underwear, mosquito-repellent incense sticks, ointment, and most importantly, to showing care for them in order to boost their self esteem. Indeed, Tsui does not want the homeless to rely too much on her. She just wants them to know that they are not alone so that they can pull themselves together.

For six years, on a weekly basis, without a break, she and a few other volunteers have been painstakingly delivering heavy supplies on iron carts to street sleepers, starting from Sham Shui Po to Mongkok, Yau Ma Tei and Tsim Sha Tsui. She has also been helping Sham Shui Po restaurant-owner Ming Gor to feed the homeless and the poor for free. In January this year, she set up the NGO Momingsociety (literally walking with the nameless) whose objective is to protect the senile, to support the disadvantaged, and to benefit the society.

How Tsui Started to Help the Homeless

In 2013, immediately before and during the Umbrella Revolution, a lot of volunteers who had helped Ming Gor joined the resistance, and the latter was in need of hands to feed the homeless and the poor. Kris Tsui then began to help him in handing out lunch boxes and pay attention to the homeless. In fact, she started to work as a volunteer in general when she was still in high school. At that time, the mother of a schoolmate of hers requested her to be a volunteer. Since then, helping others voluntarily has become her second nature. And luckily, her voluntary work has always been supported by her family.

A Young HK Avalokiteśvara and Mother Teresa

Kris Tsui does not have any particular religious faith, but she believes that to give is more blessed than to receive, and the happiness of helping others is more long-lasting than that of acquiring luxuries. She is often compared to Avalokiteśvara and called a young local version of Mother Teresa.


Most Unforgettable Experience in Helping the Homeless

There was a 70-year-old street sleeper who had a stroke and was sent to hospital. A 90-year-old woman who could barely walk visited him in the hospital. It turned out that she was his mother, who was deeply saddened by the sight of her son caught in pain. Subsequently, the 70-year-old passed away and the 90-year-old parent had to deal with his funeral.

Kris Tsui’s Expectations of the HK Government

Kris Tsui urges the Government to do more to care for the basic needs of the elderly in terms of housing, medical care, etc. for the elderly have contributed to the HK society. As the local government has not yet done enough, she has felt the need to act herself. She wishes government and NGO social workers could be more flexible in dealing with emergencies of the homeless. And she would like institutions to hire street sleepers to do part-time jobs despite their inability to provide residential address proof. She hopes more people would join her clause so that it can go on non-stop. She welcomes expatriates as volunteers, noting that some of the street sleepers are expatriates.

Tsui Loves Hong Kong so much!

While Tsui was born in Hong Kong, she spent seven years of her childhood in Australia. When asked whether she holds a foreign passport, she says she loves her homeland and prefers to stay and guard it.

Donation of Overflown Materials Preferred

Tsui asserts that Momingsociety prefers to receive donations of overflown materials like second-hand clothes, daily leftovers from bakeries, and nearly expired goods from supermarkets, rather than monetary donations, for the sake of environmental protection and avoidance of complicated accounting issues.

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