FCC Journalism Conference 2019 Turned into a One-sided Forum for Attacking President Donald Trump? (Chapman Chen, Local Press reports)

FCC Journalism Conference 2019, held on 23 March, became like a one-sided forum for attacking US President Donald Trump. No representatives from pro-Trump media like Fox News were present in the panels. First, keynote speaker Nicole Tung, Freelance photojournalist covering conflicts in the Middle East, alleged that governments like Trump and Orban’s intimated journalists and attacked media, e.g., by calling them fake news. Local Press founder Chapman Chen then addressed Nicole Tung from the floor, “Fake news does exist, e.g. black actor Jussie Smollett recently claimed to be the victim of a racist, homophobic assault. All the libtard media immediately jumped in to condemn Trump for inciting hate crimes. When the police later found out that Smollett had orchestrated the whole thing to gain publicity, none of those libtard media apologized to Potus Trump. Also, when American Australian scholar Kevin Carrico visited Hong Kong last year and chatted with a local scholar in a restaurant about HK culture, their conversation was eavesdropped by staff of a State-controlled media, which then accused Carrico of spreading separatism in HK.” Tung replied that fake news is nothing new, that readers have to be carefully aware what they are consuming.

CNN Labeled Enemy of the People?

Moreover, moderator Eric Wishart (AFP Global News Manager) asked CNN anchor Kristie Lu Stout, “What does it feel like being labeled the enemy of the people which is the topic of this conference?” Later, Lu Stout quoted Potus Trump ‘s 2017 tweet, “While in the Philippines I was forced to watch @CNN, which I have not done in months, and again realized how bad, and FAKE, it is. Loser!” CNN correspondent Will Ripley (based in Hong Kong) lamented the brain death of an American student who had been imprisoned in North Korea for 17 months, and said that things now calmed down after Kim met Trump, who, “does not value free press”. University of Hong Kong Associate Professor in Journalism Kevin Sites asserted, “They [journalists reporting from war zones] faced armies…. Those who gave everything in the service of the truth. They shame you [President Trump] with their gallant lives.”

Why Trump Banned Jim Acosta

Actually, President Trump calls certain news media or reporters fake news not without grounds. For instance, in 2018, during a White House press conference, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, instead of asking a real question, kept accusing President Trump of demonising illegal immigrants from South America trying to cross the border. Initially, Trump courteously replied that “I think that is an invasion. You and I have a difference of opinion…. We welcome immigrants but they have to come in legally.” It was only when Acosta went on and on and even struggled with a young female White House assistant who tried to take back the mic in the man’s hand that Trump censured Acosta, “CNN should be ashamed of you. You are a rude terrible person.” In fact, Acosta had treated the President and his press secretary Sarah Sanders like this numerous times before. Acosta was then banned from the White House. All the libtard media accused the president of suppressing press freedom. Nonetheless, after a few days, Acosta was allowed to enter the White House again. And he has continued to trouble Sarah Sanders and the President as before till now.

Theme of the Conference

Just in case you don’t know: The theme for this year’s FCC journalism conference is “Enemy of the People? The Dangers of Being a Journalist in 2019.”

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