Anson Chan Pledges Allegiance to Communist China and Fails to Stress Hong Kong is China’s Backdoor at Heritage Foundation? (Chapman Chen, Local Press Hong Kong)

Former Hong Kong Chief Secretary Anson Chan delivered on 25 March a speech to Heritage Foundation, in which she first of all emphasized that “Hong Kong has never been, and never will be an independent sovereign entity”, despite the fact that nothing is impossible in this world, just as The Thirteen Colonies won independence from Great Britain in 1776. She also denied that Hong Kong is dying, although the new US Hong Kong Policy Act Report states that “policies and practices of the Mainland Central Government [have] adversely impacted Hong Kong in multiple areas”, and as mentioned by Anson Chan herself, the HK government intends to enact legislation that will provide for fugitive offenders in Hong Kong to be returned to Mainland China. Hong Kong’s being China’s Achilles’ heel and political prosecution/persecution of the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Clash were not mentioned either.

Hong Kong as China’s Achilles’ Heel NOT Mentioned

While Anson Chan stressed that Hong Kong remains a trusted trading partner of the United States is crucial to the large and small local and overseas businesses in the city, she does not stress that Hong Kong is China’s Achilles’ heel, or its backdoor for stealing US high technologies, money laundering, and exchanging rampantly printed RMB for USD, that USA may use the Hong Kong Policy Act to threaten China to stop encroaching upon Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Political Persecution of Mongkok Clash Activists NOT Mentioned

Moreover, while Anson Chan has requested USA to support young HK activists in their struggle for democracy, she has drawn neither Heritage Foundation’s nor Vice President Pence’s attention to the Hong Kong Government’s political prosecution-persecution of participants in the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-Civilian Clash, for which around 100 people was arrested and 31 prosecuted and/or heavily sentenced. Contrastively, 11 international congresswomen and men have recently spoken out for them.

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