[To Save Hong Kong from China Colonization, Build the Wall! — Local Press]

Recently, Hong Kong public hospitals have been so overcrowded with new immigrants from China that all medical staff are overworked and patients’ health endangered. Consequently, at 3 pm this afternoon (Feb 17) , around 1000 Hongkongers, joined a rally organized by the Neodemocrats and other groups, calling for reduction of one-way-permit-migrants from China, and marched from Sai Yeung Choi South St., past Kwong Wah Hospital, to Mongkok East Railway Station. On the way, they kept hitting cookers to symbolize that HK is going to burst in medical care, in housing, in education, in transportation, in social welfare, etc., due to China’s sending 150 new immigrants to HK on a daily basis without HK’s screening.


Abhorring Public Hospital Conditions due to Immigration from China


A public hospital nurse Miss Chu said that since 1997, more than 1 million migrants have moved from China to HK. Rooms designed to accommodate 6 patients are now housing 10 patients. And many patients have to sleep in the corridor or next to the washroom! What separates one bed from another is often one curtain, which may well transmit diseases.


#BuildTheWall like Donald Trump!


Dr. #ChapmanChen, spokesman of Hong Kong Culture Society, asserted that China colonization is causing HK explosion in all domains. According to National Intelligence Law of the People’s Republic of China (Revised in 2018), all China citizens have the obligation to assist in national intelligence work. The HK authorities claim that the one-way migration is for family reunion’s fake, but family reunion is not an international human right. It is not included in the #UniversalDeclarationOfHumanRights, nor in the #InternationalCovenantOnCivilAndPoliticalRights. Also, why can’t they reunite in Shenzhen, the city right next to HK? So Hongkongers have to get back the power over immigration, imitate President #DonaldTrump and build a wall between HK and China.


No Discrimination against New Immigrants


Lawmaker Gary Fan supported the frontline medical staff and demanded HK autonomy in terms of population policy. District council member Roy Tam stressed that their demand was by no means discrimination against new immigration, for the controversial policy affects both old Hongkong residents and new immigrants alike.


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