US Sch Girl Maddie Mueller Deprived of Free Speech by Libtard System; Hong Kong Kid Lau Hong Targeted by Pro-commie Sch (Chapman Chen, Local Press)

Summary: California schoolgirl #MaddieMueller was banned from wearing a #MakeAmericaGreatAgain hat on campus this month. In 2017, #HongKong schoolboy #LauHong was warned for displaying a #HongKongIndependence flag before the Chief Executive, & jailed for possession of a toy gun in 2018. The US ed system is manipulated by libtard politicians while the HK ed system is used for China colonization of HK.

Full Text:
A politically active high school student called #MaddieMueller in Northern California has been banned from wearing a “#MakeAmericaGreatAgain” hat on campus on the ground that the school is supposed to be politically neutral. She may be held from graduating if she continues her resistance, which is exactly what she is going to do. Yesterday, Mueller saw 4 Hillary Clinton T-shirts, 1 Obama, shirt, a Bernie Sanders hat and 7 lgbtq rainbow flag hats on campus, all uncensored. She thinks that the school systems seem to be trapped under the government’s thumb about what they are supposed to teach, and what is acceptable, what is not acceptance are forced down the students’ throats. (Note: For example, students are taught that abortion is wonderful; genders are malleable; borders should be abolished; President Donald Trump is a MF).

Similarly, in 2017, a #HongKong high school boy called #LauHong was temporarily suspended & warned by his school’s disciplinary officer for displaying a #HongKongIndependence sign when the HK Chief Executive #CarrieLam visited his sch. In 2018, Lau’s charged for possession of a toy gun & put in custody for 3 weeks. Many Hongkongers consider that there’s a causal link between these two incidents. Many schools in Hong Kong are now pro-commie and carry out indoctrination rather than education. E.g., students are that the Chinese Communist Party is a progressive, altruistic, and united ruling regime; that the 2014 Umbrella Revolution is a reprehensive unrest; and they are supposed to shed tears under the Communist China flag.

These 2 kids were both deprived of their #Free Speech, but for different reasons. In #USA, patriots and #DonaldTrump supporters at school are pressurized by a brainwashing education system under the sway of #libtard politicians & pseudo progressive IT tycoons behind them with ulterior motives. In HK, #separatists and #localists at school are persecuted by the Govt, and by the educational authorities, which are henchmen of the Chinese Communist Party determined to colonize HK. #HongKongHumanRights #MAGA2020 (by #ChapmanChen, #LocalPress, HongKong)

Sources: CBS and Fox News.
Photo credit: Maddie Mueller and Lau Hong.

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Text by Chapman Chen, Local Press: