【Chinese should Burn their Lunar Calendar as it’s Stolen from the West? (Text: HK National Front; Trans. Chapman Chen) — Local Press】

Summary: Today is Lunar New Year’s Eve, and China’s people had better go home and burn their lunar calendar. For just as American intellectual property is stolen by the Chinese commies to make memory chips which they claim to be their own inventions, the current Chinese lunar calendar came from the West via Johann Adam Schall between the Ming and the Ching Dynasties in the early 17th Century; the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) Perpetual Calendar was stolen from Arabia; the Tang Dynasty calendars were stolen from India via Gautama Siddhaan in the early 8th Century; the Northern Sung Dynasty (960-1127) calendar was compiled by an Arabian Muslim. In their collective mastxxbatxxy fantasies, the Chinese imagine these copy cats as time-honored crystals of the Chinese civilization. Back in December 2018, China forbade Christmas decorations, and “patriotic” China students shouted in public, “Chinese should celebrate Chinese festivals instead of Western ones!” Since Communist China’s people claim to be the inheritor of the “Orthodox Chinese tradition”, and disdain Western festivals, why should they celebrate new year in accordance with an Occidental lunar calendar?

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Johann Adam Schall’s Lunar Calendar

The Chinese lunar calendar, of which China-people are so proud of, is in fact a copy cat.
The lunar calendar that we are using is in fact the Sung-zing崇禎 Calendar compiled during the reign of the Ming Dynasty Emperor Sung-zing (1611-1644). As the old calendar then was full of mistakes, Sung-zing ordered Matteo Ricci’s student, Chui Kwong-kai徐光啟, and Johann Adam Schall (1591-1666) to compile a new calendar. This new calendar introduced from the West was found offensive by court officials in the early Ching Dynasty. During the reign of Hiowan yei 康熙 (1654-1722), a scholar known as Yeung Kwong-sin 楊光先 accused the calendar compiled by Johann Adam Schall of treasonously violating the principle of yin and yang. Consequently, Johann Adam Schall was sentenced to death by a thousand cuts. Fortunately, he was released by the Empress Dowager, while his assistant’s entire clan was eradicated. Nonetheless, subsequent observations proved Schall’s calendar to be highly accurate.

Yuan Dynasty Calendar= Islamic calendar

The “ancient Chinese calendar” that Yeung Kwong-sin was ready to preserve by framing up a Western priest was in reality Huihuilifa (Islamic calendar) introduced during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The calendar that the Yuan Dynasty first promulgated was in fact the Perpetual Calendar compiled by Jamal ad-Din based on the Arabian solar calendar.

Because its format was so different from the old calendars of China that it was difficult to render it popular, it was subsequently replaced by a slightly modified version of the Islamic Lunar Calendar. That version was named Sau-si Calendar授時曆and used until Emperor Sung-zing.

Tang Dynasty Calendars Came from India

As the Yuan Dynasty was ruled by the Mongolians, their calendar and its successors should not count. And the calendars used during the Tang and Sung Dynasties, which the Chinese proudly call prosperous ages, must be most orthodoxically Chinese? Wrong again. The Dai-hin Calendar大衍曆 adopted by the Tang authorities was based on the Indian calendar Navagraha, as translated by Gautama Siddhaan Indian astronomer living in China in the early eighth century. From the Dai-hin Calendar were derived other versions, like The Ng-gei Calendar五紀曆, Zing-yuen Calendar正元曆, Suen-ming Calendar宣明曆, and Sung-yuen Calendar崇玄曆, which were used until the end of the Tang Dynasty.

Why did the great country of Tang have to copy from an Indian calendar? It was mainly because the Leon-dak Calendar 麟德曆, compiled by Lee Shun-fung 李淳風 (602-670) of the Early Tang Dynasty before The Dai-hin Calendar大衍曆 came into existence, manifested a lot of inaccuracies after being used for only 40 years.

Northern Sung Dynasty Calendar Compiled by a Muslim

The Ying-tin Calendar應天曆 that came out during the Northern Sung Dynasty was compiled by a Muslim called MA Yi-zak馬依澤(921~1005). MA Yi-zak was in fact a translation of the common Arabic name, Muizz. And this Mr. MA is the ancestor of the Chinese Muslim clan, the MAs. The Ming Dynasty eunuch Cheng Wo 鄭和 (1371-1433), who commanded expeditionary treasure voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Western Asia, and East Africa from 1405 to 1433, was originally named MA Sam-pou. His ancestors were Muslims who had gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Collective Mastxxbatxxy Fantasies of China People

The current Lunar Calendar, of which the Chinese are always boosting about, is actually imported goods. So much the more, the other one-thousand-year-old traditional Chinese calendars plagiarized heavily from either Indian or Arabian calendars, just as modern Chinese people steal American intellectual property to make products which they claim to be their own inventions. In their collective mastxxbatxxy fantasies, they regard the copy cat as the time-honored crystal of the Chinese civilization. Since Communist China’s people claim to be the inheritor of the “Orthodox Chinese tradition”, and disdain Western festivals, they had better go home and burn their Western lunar calendar. Otherwise, how can they claim to be Chinese?

Translated by Chapman Chen