5 Western Eyes on Hong Kong (Chapman Chen, Local Press)

In this #LunarNewYear of the Pig, five Western Consulate Generals in Hong Kong have presented lunar new year videos for Hongkongers, the production of each of which would take at least ten hours. They all speak in HK #Cantonese and show deep respect for HK people and HK culture. HK is still important to the West as an international intelligence center, an international financial center, an unique cultural center organically combining the best parts of Western and Chinese civilizations, and a geo-political strategic port. HK is also China’s money-laundering and smuggling backdoor. Whoever grasps HK grabs hold of China’s neck.

US Consul General #KurtTong speaks lovingly of 176 years’ US-Hong Kong relations (Communist China is only 70 years old), and a box of VHS appearing in his video reveals the title of The Big Boss, American-Hongkongee kungfu icon #BruceLee’s (1971) movie. German Consul General #DieterLamlé goes shopping in Sam Shui Po, one of the districts most characteristic of Hong Kong folk, and plays Majong with a Hong Kong family, suggestively stressing that it is crucial to sikwu (win off another player’s discard). Canadian Consul General #JeffNankivell appears with someone dressed up as the HK God of Fortune, and personally cooks veggie and non-veggie food for a group of HK colleagues and friends, highlighting the diversity of Canadian culture. French Consul General #AlexandreGiorgini buys a portrait that dresses up Chinese god-general Kwan Kung as Napolean, depicting a sort of Stephen-Chow-like humor. Vice Consul of Britain #MartinBadham goes to Stone Slab Street and buys a pack of Pig-year red packets. Another name for Stone Slab Street is Pottinger Street, which commemorates Lord Pottinger, the first British Governor of #HongKong.

#USConsulateGeneralInHongKongandMacau’s video: https://www.facebook.com/USAinHKMacau/videos/220900312198887/

#ConsulateGeneralofCanadaHongKong ‘s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeYT9L-BgQY

#GermanConsulateGeneralHongKong’s video: https://www.facebook.com/GermanConsulateGeneralHongKong/videos/2268756309821330/

#BritishConsulateGeneralinHongKong’s video: https://www.facebook.com/UKandHongKong/videos/2213364152030902/

#ConsulatGénéraldeFranceàHongKongetMacao’s video: https://www.facebook.com/franceinhk/videos/2404230823051096/