[4 Pro-independence Groups Harassed Right before 2019 HK New Year March (Chapman Chen reports) — Local Press]

Immediately before today’s (January 1) Hong Kong New Year March, four pro-independence groups or figures were harassed, including Tony Chung from Studentlocalism, Paladin Cheng, HK Nationality Front, and Wayne Chan from the Students Independence Union. On 14 October 2018, HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam stressed in a radio program that advocates of HK independence or self-determination or formation of confederation all violate the “bottom line” of One Country and will not be tolerated. The New Year marches are a fixture on the political calendar in Hong Kong. Thousands take to the streets to protest against various problems of the city, e.g., Beijing’s increasing mainlandization of HK.

Pro-independence Secondary Student Leader Threatened

Around 1 pm today (Jan.1) , Tony Chung Han-lam, convener of Studentlocalism, a pro-independence secondary school students group, found himself being spied on by three men wearing black masks as he was leaving his residence for the assembling place of today’s New Year’s Day Rally. Chung therefore video-recorded those men with a view to reporting them to the police. But the three men came up to him and threatened him to delete the video. They then left for a while only to return soon afterwards to stalk Chung again. Studentlocalism called the police and proceeded to the assembling place in Wanchai. They believed that the three men intended to prevent Chung from taking part in the rally. In November last year, Chung reported to the police that he had been punched by a man wearing a black mask in the street.

Veteran Separatist Monitored by Five Men

Also around 1 pm, five men in black approached the place of Paladin Cheng, a veteran pro-independence activist. When Cheng took photos of them, they turned round and ran the top of the staircase to the ground floor. Cheng asked them if they were police. “I am an undercover,” one of them replied. “You are pretending to be a cop. I dare you to say it again,” said Cheng to him. Cheng wondered whether only scumbags and scoundrels work for the Chinese Communist Party. Cheng then caught a taxi in front them, saying, “I am going. Thank you for all the trouble you’ve taken.”

Storehouse of HK Nationality Front Burgled

On the New Year’s Eve, according to Baggio Leung, a HK lawmaker disqualified by the authorities for displaying a “Hong Kong is not China” banner during his oath-taking, now convener of the pro-independence Hong Kong Nationality Front, a storehouse of the organization in Tsuen Wan was broken into by criminals, but no one was injured. They have already reported the case to the police, although Baggio Leung thought “it’s in reality no use reporting such cases to the police in Hong Kong.” Leung commented that the purpose of such an attack on the New Year’s Eve was obvious to everybody, but he will keep up his “sportsmanship”.

Pro-independence College Student Harassed by Gangsters

At 10:45 am this morning, according to Wayne Chan, convener of the Students Independence Union, a pro-independence university students’ group, “two men wearing black masks knocked at my door and fiercely claimed to be debt collectors “.

Photo 1 credit: Studentlocalism
Photos 2,3 credit: Paladin Cheng
Photo 4 credit: Baggio Leung
Photo 5 credit: Wayne Chan