2 HK Student Groups Petition USA Govt to Punish Carrie Lam, etc. (Chapman Chen reports)

Today (11 Dec.) at 3 pm, Studentlocalism and Student Independence Union, respectively represented by Chung Hong-lam and Wayne Chan Ka-kui, submitted two petition letters to a representative of the US Consulate General, inviting the US Government to enact the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, and punish HK Government officials guilty of encroaching upon the democracy and human rights of Hongkongers, including Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of HKSAR, Enoch Yuen, the returning officer who has recently deprived lawmaker Eddie Chu of his right to run in a rural election, Rimsky Yuen (former Secretary for Justice), and all the other returning officers who have illegitimately barred Hongkongers from standing in HK elections.

HK Human Rights and Democracy Act & HK Policy Act

Chung claimed that he had already rewritten to the US State Department and President Donald Trump, requesting them to forbid the aforementioned HK officials to enter America and to freeze their assets there (Note: The HK Human Rights and Democracy Act is not yet enacted; so it is up to the US Congress rather than the US Government to decide whether to pass it or not.) Chung believed that as the United States is considering whether to cancel Hong Kong’s separate customs area status, the passing of the Act will protect HK human rights and autonomy from being violated by the HK and the China governments, which would make it unnecessary for the United States to abolish the HK Policy Act, thus guaranteeing the prosperity and stability of HK.

Hong Kong Policy Act is based on the Sino-British Joint Declaration

Wayne Chan stated that the Hong Kong Policy Act is based on the Sino-British Joint Declaration, both meant to protect Hongkonger’s freedom of speech, freedom of association and right to run for election. However, in the last few years, numerous Hongkongers have been unable to enjoy their right to stand for election, and the United States has begun to doubt the democratic development of Hong Kong. Enoch Yuen’s recently barring Eddie Chu from running in the rural election is a clear violation of the Basic Law of HK and other international human rights laws. Since appealing to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government and the HKSAR Government has proven to be not useful, Chan said that he is ready to bring to the international arena incidents of Hong Kong’s being damaged, and contact different American government officials, possibly by demonstrations apart from submitting letters.

Photo credit: Studentlocalism