Consulate General of Canada Calls for Learning from Fallen Canadian Soldiers in HK (Chapman Chen reports)

Today (2 Dec.), The Consulate General of Canada held a ceremony at the Sai Wan War Cemetery to commemorate the 550 Canadian soldiers who died in defending Hong Kong in 1941. The Consul General, Mr. Jeff Nankivell, first thanked in HK Cantonese everybody for coming, and later stressed in English, French, and Cantonese that those fallen will always be remembered. Citing Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s war poem, The Flanders Field, Nankivell said in English that each stone in the cemetery represented a future teacher who’d never teach; a future builder who’d never build; a future father/mother whose future children/grandchildren would remain for ever unborn. Nankivell called upon everybody to take inspiration from the fallen soldiers’ sacrifice and dedicate themselves to safeguarding peace and fighting for freedom. Apart from representatives from various governments including USA, American pastor Bob Kraft, who has been living in HK for decades, and who had served the US army at the Berlin Wall, also attended the ceremony in full US military uniform. He told Local Press that 10 to 20 US airplanes were struck down by the Japanese in HK or around it during the fall of HK, that one of them crashed in Tai Tam.




Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s war poem, The Flanders’ Field, in Chinese (trans. Chapman Chen): 「法蘭德斯」:「接過火炬,後繼前仆,高舉手中,奮勇衝鋒,倘有相負,死不瞑目,虞美花開,法蘭德斯」

Video of Mr. Consul General’s Speech:[0]=68.ARCZFmhbnItbbkJK54z6Ys0F0fPPsmCKIxXqVQmpkzvrJ9mLg4prY1kdcShn5IKKqO2qcr1CuvLSV0lug-SS2C9_XABZzK30wEGSCs3sOpSP_1EanFkloOJ9JW3DXv9S2etxoc4g-vmv-5vWnRyA-iaeMgMqEKTTVe_IsafFAY09lS4Wkh77X_fYxRHJMlPii2ZUd3QAdG4oCEygZ2L3MzSKQ7iU62xxtel4vDtTpL1ynJeWIDwpECdYHnoyPm5vAiwIQ1LkTgFng4kkRLdqYtxPaOsuxAcXEzW9kMqacpHGDmUOM_-Ty7mBozLulTuAjs05t2Uau2xf908x_caCFEPG7t7q_IGZg3y5JlWW&__tn__=-R