Dr. Sang Pu: HK is Still Useful to USA (Chapman Chen reports)

On 20 October, Dr. Sang Pu, a Hong Kong current affairs critic with a doctoral degree in legal studies, says at a forum on US-China Cold War co-organized by Local Press and HK Society of Humanities that America needs HK as an intelligence, news and information center. Thus the HKSAR Government’s expulsion of Victor Mallet, Vice-president of FCC is very unwise. Hongkongers, in seeking America’s help, have to tell America about HK’s value to her. Hongkongers’ direct lobbying for America’s support for HK independence will not succeed. Hongkongers have to tell the United States that the present HKSAR government does not represent Hong Kong people. Once China falls into chaos, Hongkongers will be able to run Hong Kong as in the form of some pro-USA system.

In order to show America Hong Kong’s strength, Hongkongers had better engaged themselves in civic enlightenment and civic diplomacy. In order to conserve its strength, Hongkongers should develop local agriculture.

There are things which can only be done but not said. It is estimated that one-third of Hong Kong residents support independence and more than half will not object to it. But advocating HK independence in a high sounding manner will give the commies the pretext to pass Article 23 (a national security law) in Hong Kong. The HK pro-independence camp should refrain from associating with separatists of other places in the world, in order not to attract new enemies.

America’s increase of tariffs on China goods is just an appetizer. The soup is forming unions with other countries like FVEY, USMCA, to besiege China. When the tariff is increased from 10 percent to 25 percent in January next year, China economy is bound to collapse. Even if China apologizes now and promises to buy more US goods, it will be useless, because what is at stake is a new cold war rather than money! And President Trump is not under Wall Street’s control.