Chapman Chen: Shouldn’t Animal Protection Include Livestock, too?曾焯文:動保宜包所有禽畜乎?

On 29 April, Animalsaver HK organized a rally from Central to Legco with a view to urging the Government to raise the penalty for abusing animals. The rally was joined by about 1,500 citizens. When the procession reached the outside of Legco, the organizer stressed that the activity was not affiliated with any political party, and that the support of all legislative councilors, regardless of their political affiliation, had to be lobbied for a revised animal protection ordinance to be enacted.  (Earlier on, the organization invited Elizabeth Quat, a pro-Communist China lawmaker to join the activity. Upon being extensively chastised by a lot of netizens, the invitation was cancelled.) 

Then volunteers of Animalsaver and victims consecutively went on the stage to tearfully complain about the situation of animal abuse (mainly referring to cats and dogs) in HK, and the police’s lukewarm way of handling such cases. Veteran animal rights activist, Loy Ho, openly recalled how she successfully lobbied an increase of animal abuse penalty in 2006 to 3 years’ imprisonment and 200,000 dollars’ fine, and claimed that pro-establishment lawmakers aimed at attracting the votes of animal haters.

A pregnant TV artist, Tracy Ip, said on the stage that her pets should be no problem to her baby as they were one family. 

Some vegan activists and organizations also joined the rally. They thought that animal protection should include not only cats and dogs, but also livestock, that if one really loved animals, one should go vegan, for livestock like pigs, cows, fish, all can feel pain, all have families, and all want to live, just like humans and their pets. However, they were not given any chance to voice their opinion on the stage.

今日動保團體Animalsaver HK (香港動物拯救者) 舉辦遊行,爭取修改動保修例,加重虐畜刑罰。約有一千五百人參加。主辦者強調無黨無派 (先前曾邀建制派葛珮帆,被網友鬧爆後,取消邀約),須爭取各黨派立法會議員支持修動保條例。Animalsaver義工及苦主哭訴香港寵物受害情況,及警方冷淡態度。何來上臺憶述零六年自己如何爭得虐畜刑罰加重,又話建制派議員專吸仇恨動物人士的票。葉翠翠大肚上臺話嬰兒出世後,不會受到家中寵物負面影響。有全素動保人士及團體舉牌表示動保應包埋豬牛羊雞鴨魚蝦蟹,真愛動物當食全素,然而其無機會上臺發言。




明星葉翠翠女士大肚上臺話有人叫佢嬰兒出世後,家中貓狗能否與之共存?葉話道: 咁等於問其嬰兒出世後,老公能否與之共存?


遊行隊伍中,有全素動保人士及團體(如救救港豬),高舉標語,主張愛護動物GO VEGAN,表示除了貓狗之外,日日有千千萬萬動物,包括豬牛羊雞鴨魚蝦蟹,終身被囚在惡劣環境,飽受虐待摧殘,最終肢解殘殺,過程幾乎完全合法,望大家勿獨厚貓狗,而薄其他動物,事關所有動物同人一樣,都怕痛怕死,有父母親友,而人不食動物不單不會死,反而更加健康,因此如真愛護動物應食全素。不過,此類人士今日無機會上臺發言。